Maitland Youth Interagency meeting

The Maitland Youth Interagency meetings are held five times a year for 2 hours at rotating venues. See the 2017 Maitland Youth Interagency Calendar here. During this time, there is:

  • A presentation from a guest speaker which can range from:
    • an overview of services and programs;
    • a particular topic  that benefits the sector (info on sexual, mental, physical health; self-care; mindfulness; technology; engaging young people; internet resources; etc);
    • a short training session on something of relevance to young people or youth services;
    • a mini-consultation that can inform programs, policies and action plans.
  • A de-identified case study is brought from a local school or service. This section is an approach to interagency collaboration and done so in the spirit of Keep Them Safe principles. Each interagency meeting will provide members with an opportunity to bring complex cases challenging the work being done with the people they support. As everyone shares ideas, resources and knowledge for how to assist in this particular case, it is hoped that we will create new options for the people we work with. This section was designed particularly to create partnerships between schools/education colleges and youth services, and they are very successful in achieving outcomes for young people.
  • A ‘Youth Engagement Activity’ which is an interactive, creative session where you will learn and participate in activities that you can use with young people (and co-workers, family, and yourself for self-care!)
  • An info-share session to talk about the latest programs/ events in the area.
  • Great food, coffee and a friendly and welcoming environment!

The interagency is also just a great way to meet youth workers and teachers in the area and learn about what they do.

Any youth or community workers, community members or young people are welcome to attend. Contact the Maitland/ Dungog YDO for details or see the Maitland/ Dungog Interagency webpage.

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