​Many girls and women in our community do not know or believe they are valuable and unique. A common mindset is that “if I am not of much value then life doesn’t have much purpose”. This inevitably creates a sense of living for the moment with little regard for consequences or the future.

This lack of purpose instills negative mindsets in the lives of youth subsequently influencing the way theu perceive their future. The break-up of the family unit and young people believing they have little worth or nothing to contribute can have far reaching implications – both immediate and long-term such as depression, suicide, domestic violence and drug use.

Since 1997 “Shine” has been a unique personal development and group mentoring tool founded upon the premise that every life counts and has intrinsic value. Shine has been delivered to a handful of schools in the Hunter Region in the last 10 years with great results and it is our aim to expand this opportunity throughout the region. The aim of the Shine program is for each girl and woman to develop an understanding at her own personal worth, strength and purpose so she can reach her full potential.

Our program is delivered In group settings and special events. Groups can be organised through schools and organisations.

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