headspace offers specific services for people aged 12-25 going through a tough time. We can help with all sorts of issues like relationship break ups. exam stress, peer pressure, bullying and depression. Whatever the issue is, we’ve got your back.

At headspace Gosford you can get help for any type of health problem. You might be concerned about your physical health, or your mental health, or perhaps about using alcohol or other drugs.

headspace helps you to access the right type of health worker for your needs. This could be a doctor, psychologist, social worker, counsellor, youth worker, alcohol and drug worker, or Aboriginal health worker. People at headspace can also help you find an education or employment program that suits your needs.

If you ….

need some help with any type of health issue
are having difficulty with something in your life
are feeling sad, anxious or worried
are concerned about the use of alcohol or drugs
are worried about a friend or a family member
need advice about education and/or finding work
wish to discuss your sexual health or want information about contraception

… headspace Gosford is located in ycentral, which is an easy walk right across the road from Gosford station, where you will find buses, trains and taxi’s available. We are open 8.30-5 Monday to Friday, please call 4304 7870 or drop in to our office in the Gateway Centre to talk to one of our friendly workers.

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