Community and Youth Development Officers are funded to instigate community development initiatives and build community capacity, with a focus on young people in a particular Local Government Area. Community and Youth Development Officers in the Hunter and Central Coast Areas combine to form the Regional Youth Development Officer’s Network (RYDON). RYDON as a network develops and delivers training and an annual conference for the sector.

The aims of the Cessnock Community and Youth Development Project are to:

• Support and resource services working with young people in the Cessnock Local Government Area.

• Assist in new program development and local infrastructure.

• Maintain local youth service network/interagency.

• Provide awareness and understanding of current issues faced by young people.

• Assist young people to voice their own opinions.

• Identify the needs of young people and facilitate the development and co-ordination of resources to support them.

• Advocate and lobby on behalf of young people to ensure their needs are considered in the development of programs and policies.

All young people and youth services are welcome to contact the project for support, information, resources or consultation.

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