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Compact Grant
Applications close 7 August, 2018

The Multicultural NSW COMPACT program supports an alliance of community partners who are committed to addressing and resolving community issues and tensions and safeguarding Australia’s peaceful and harmonious way of life against extremist hate, violence and division.

COMPACT supports local solutions-based projects that bring young Australians together to promote positive behaviours and engage critically, creatively and constructively on local and global issues impacting on social cohesion and community harmony.

COMPACT recognises that, whatever may be taking place in the complex world we live in, solutions start at home.  It starts with families talking to each other and having the resources and support they need to address issues and tensions.  It starts with local communities working together, supporting each other and building on the strengths of our culturally diverse success story.

COMPACT takes a whole-of-society approach to community resilience, youth engagement and conflict resolution.

In our program ‘resilience’ means proactively building and maintaining strong, secure, responsive and aware community networks that can be mobilised to respond to challenges and threats to community harmony, resolve conflict and actively promote social cohesion.

COMPACT encourages partnerships and collaboration between relevant community, non-government, youth, sports, arts/media and educational organisations by providing grant funding for innovative evidence based community projects.


In a Good Place

Applications close 20 August, 2018

In a Good Place is a national grants program that provides support for community-driven initiatives that reduce social isolation, increase social participation and connectedness, and encourage people in rural, regional and remote communities who are at risk of, or are experiencing, mental health issues to seek help.

There are three objectives for this program:

  1. Reduce social isolation;
  2. Increase social participation and connectedness;
  3. Increase help-seeking.

By supporting local solutions and using a multi-faceted approach focused on enhancing people, place and wellbeing, our donor partner, CCI Giving, aims to give back to those overcoming challenges and adversity, and to the most marginalised in society.

Environmental Sustainability Grant
Applications close 20 August, 2018

Lake Macquarie City Council is pleased to invite applications from community groups, organisations and schools to undertake environmental sustainability projects. Grants of up to $3000 are available to fund projects that have clear environmental sustainability outcomes and contribute to lasting improvements to the environment of the City

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