Emergency Food Support – RRT

In case your service has seen an influx of people requesting support in light of COVID-19 and you think they are in need of emergency food supplies, you are able to contact the State Health Department (Service NSW) to request RRT Food Boxes be delivered directly to those in need in your area.

They can deliver them anywhere within NSW & QLD and they normally have them delivered to the persons door within 24 hours of the State Health department letting them know.

For NSW, call: 13 77 88, and for QLD, call: 13 HEALTH.


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Lakin Agnew

NSW Health high dose MDMA – public alert

Dear colleagues, NSW Health has today issued the following public drug alert regarding high dose MDMA: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/aod/public-drug-alerts/Pages/public-drug-warning-mdma-cp-levi-28-april-2020.aspx  Please disseminate to your contacts and clients as

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