Black Dog Institute Free Public Webinars

The Black Dog Institute is happy to a range of free, publicly available community and school presentations as webinars in an effort to reach those who have trouble attending or accessing face-to-face sessions.

These sessions include;

Breaking down depression

Suitable for anyone over the age of 18 – Aims to reduce the stigma around mental illness and increase help seeking within communities across Australia.


Suitable for high school aged students – Aims to increase mental health literacy, reduce stigma and promote help seeking for young people.

Mental fitness

Suitable for high school aged students – Covers the benefits of staying mentally fit in an effort to build resilience in young people.

Navigating your teen’s mental health

Suitable for parents, carers and teachers of high school aged students – Educating the adults in a young person’s life to help increase mental health literacy, reduce stigma and promote help seeking.

The Black Dog Institute was founded in 2002 and is internationally recognised as a pioneer in the identification, prevention and treatment of mental illness, and the promotion of wellbeing.They aim to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness through the rapid translation of high quality research into improved clinical treatments, increased accessibility to mental health services and delivery of long-term public health solutions.

A list of upcoming webinars can be found online here, follow the registration links to put your name down for a free webinar.

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