HNEMH will be facilitating NDIS Support Coordinator Forums twice a year. The purpose of the forum is to improve communication and collaboration between HNEMH staff and NDIS coordinators and ultimately service providers. NDIS Support Coordinators play a pivotal role in NDIS care planning but due to the overlap of coordination roles in both NDIS and HNEMH, roles and responsibilities can sometimes be confusing. The forums will clarify roles and responsibilities in the mental health setting and provide a platform for information sharing and problem solving and will also reinforce the HNEMH/NDIS statement of cooperation. If you are an NDIS supports coordinator providing coordination supports to patients/consumers of HNEMH, particularly consumers at Morisset Hospital, we invite you to attend these forums. If you are an NDIS Coordinator of Supports providing a service to people in the mental health sector and have not had an opportunity to connect with Mental Health then this forum is also for you. A formal invitation  including the agenda will be sent out next week.