Newcastle Youth Interagency Sept 10

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Newcastle Youth Interagency. A special thanks to our presenters:

  • Karen Johnson De Wit and Jamie Culver from Youth Health Team
  • Sarah Colemen from Creative Times and Early Intervention activities
  • Chris Jones from Livefree Project

Another big thank you from Michele Kowalski and the team at Maryland Neighbourhood Center for kindly hosting us. Maryland Neighbourhood Centre will also be hosting a live music and film night for young people. The event will be on September 27th 4pm-7pm – all are welcome please get in touch with me if you would like to be involved!

Below are the Powerpoint slides and information on the services and presentation. Please reach out if you have questions or need more information.

Youth Health Team

The Youth Health Team is a multidisciplinary outreach service consisting of Clinical Nurse Consultants, Social Workers, a Staff Specialist Paediatrician and Administration Officer. The Youth Health Team provides services to young people affected by homlessness, or at risk of homelessness, stressful life situations, physical and emotional concerns, relationship issues including domestic violence, at risk behaviours, sexuality concerns, sexual health issues and chronic illness.



Early Intervention Activities and Creative Times

Creative Times is an innovative program that works with children and their families going through challenging times. Creative Times has a focus on early intervention and prevention, supporting people by promoting individual, family and community strengths. Creative Times works alongside families by providing a safe place for them to notice and celebrate the things that are working well and to share ideas to explore new ways of working together, having fun and looking after each other.



Livefree Project

LIVEfree Project provides counselling services and welfare assistance to people living in poverty or distress, including those experiencing helplessness, destitution, sickness or misfortune. Livefree Project partners with local schools to provide a range of in school programs and activities that teach safety, resilience, communication, social skills and more in a fun and safe environment.


Upcoming Events
Rachelle Aitken

Chat and Splash

This is a free event for people aged 12-25 from the Clarence Town Community Chat and Splash – is a chance for you to come

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