Mental Health First Aid

Carrie’s Place will be running a 2 day Mental Health First Aid, Standard Edition 4 training on November 22 and 23.

It is a great course and very informative – and a great way to decrease stigma around mental health as well as increasing our own knowledge of how to assist people living with any mental health issue.
Please see attached for details to book with Jan McDonald.

Where Youth Work and Family Work Meet Training

Your friendly Youth Development Officer’s from Cessnock and the Upper Hunter are teaming up to offer you this training, presented by Andrew Cummings. This one day training program explores the similarities and differences between the youth work and family work approaches, in order to help participants to better understand how the two approaches can be used together to support young people and their families.
The program will include the following topics:
• What is youth work?
• What is family work?
• Similarities and differences between the two approaches
• Exploring conflicts and contradictions between the two approaches
• Finding ways forward – using family work and youth work approaches together in order to support young people and their families
• Building effective partnerships between youth services and family support services
• Where to go for more information and ideas
At the end of this training program, participants will be able to:
• Outline the key factors of the youth work and family work approaches
• Explain the similarities and differences of the two approaches and describe some conflicts that might arise between the two
• Discuss ways that the two approaches can be used together to achieve positive outcomes for young people and their families
• Outline the key elements involved in building effective partnerships between youth services and family support services
• Describe some examples of good practice in youth work


DATE: Thursday 30th November


To register: Contact Lakin on

Aboriginal health resources from the Heart Foundation

This Heart Foundation have released a collection of resources that have been curated for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a one stop shop for specialised health resources. The collection includes , information on hypertension and acute coronary syndrome guidelines and tools.

Also available are resources for health professionals who work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

To check out the resources, follow this link.

Playgroups in Australia: building the evidence base

The Australian Institute of Family Studies has released a suite of resources to help in the development of high-quality and consistent playgroups, and further build and strengthen the evidence base for the effectiveness of playgroups in meeting outcomes for families and children.

The resources are designed to provide flexible support and guidance to policy makers and those planning, delivering and coordinating playgroups. They provide an evidence-informed framework with which playgroups can be developed based on the local needs of the families attending and the communities they live in, and further allow a consistent evaluation approach where appropriate. The resources are not affiliated with any funding process and are not intended to replace existing frameworks or guiding documents, but rather to complement them.

To access the resources, follow this link.

What makes Australian children happy?

The second BTN Kids’ Happiness Survey was conducted online by Behind the News (BtN), the ABC’s popular current affairs program for students. Almost 47,000 kids responded, making it the biggest survey of youth mental health and wellbeing in Australian history.

This year, BtN partnered with the University of Melbourne Children’s Lives Initiative to analyse the large amount of data collected. The findings help increase awareness about some of the biggest challenges kids face, and indicate that sleep is a key indicator of children’s happiness.

To read the report, follow this link.

Australian NGO Coalition Submission to the Human Rights Committee

Australia’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is a newly released report to the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee. The report has been prepared by a coalition of non-government organisations (NGOs) from across Australia and is intended to inform the Committee’s sixth review of Australia during its 121st session in October/November 2017. The report includes an analysis of the issues associated with the rights of children.

To download the full report, follow this link.

Upcoming Events

Tough Conversations in Child Protection


Tough Conversations in child protection is a one-day course for child protection professionals and family workers to help them to hold the often-challenging conversations had with parents in child protection.

The origin of these child protection workshops arose from a similar series of workshops already being held nationally for school principals.

TC_CP_Registration_Form _2017

Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network (MYAN) Australia National Conference

We live in times of complex and constant change. We are more interconnected- economically, environmentally, politically, socially – than ever before. We also face challenges that are global in scale and complexity. Young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in Australia are impacted by these global trends at multiple levels.

The 2017 MYAN Conference will consider the experiences of young people in the context of current global challenges and explore how research, policy and practice can best respond into the future.  Exploring the themes ‘Global Citizenship’, ‘Education to Work’ and ‘Social Cohesion’, this two-day event will bring together international an local policy-makers , practitioners, young people, academics and the business sector.

We hope the conference brings us one step closer to developing forward-looking, evidence-based strategic directions for research, policy and practice- helping young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds thrive over coming decades. 23rd – 24th Nov 2017, Melbourne. Click here to register.


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