Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Adolescent and Youth Health and Wellbeing 2018 Report

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescent and youth health and wellbeing 2018 report provides comprehensive data on the health and wellbeing of Indigenous people aged 10–24.

Information on health and wellbeing outcomes, health determinants, risk factors, and health and welfare service use for Indigenous youth are included. Data are disaggregated by age group, sex, state and territory and remoteness areas, as well as trend information. The report also examines differences between young Indigenous and non-Indigenous people on key health and wellbeing measures. Follow the link to read the report

Our Local Website

Our Local is a website co-designed with children and young people to help them find things to do, and support when they need it. The website is a directory of local opportunities, activities, services and events that are relevant for children and young people under the age of 24 in NSW.

Follow the link for more information.

My Community Project Funding Program

My Community Project is a new NSW Government funding program opening soon.

My Community Project will enable individuals to put forward ideas for projects in their area, and a public vote will show which projects have the most community support to receive funding. Successful projects will receive funding between $20,000 and $200,000.

Project applications open on 2 April 2019, closing on 15 May 2019. Follow the link for more information

Hunter Community Legal Centre-Hunter Youth Law Service

The Hunter Community Legal Centre will be providing legal advice and assistance for non-criminal matters i.e. Civil and Family law, at Hunter Valley Children’s Courts in 2019.  A civil lawyer will attend court on Children’s list day to talk to young people (up to 24 years) about their civil and family law problems.

Harmony Week – 17-23 March 2019

This year Harmony Day will be renamed Harmony week to recognise diversity and inclusion activities that take place during the entire week.

Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background.  It is time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, and the successful integration of migrants into our community.

Find out more about  Harmony Week events near you here>

Website: Our Local

The NSW Government in consultation with young people have launched the Our Local website.

Our Local is a directory website co-designed with children and young people under the age of 24 in NSW to help them find local and state-wide opportunities, services and events.

Key benefits of our local include

  • Our Local is free for you to promote your opportunities, activities, services and events to children and young people.
  • Our Local will be promoted locally and across NSW with many cross-promotional benefits and synergies of having information in one place.
  • Our Local is a NSW Government initiative designed to meet the diverse expressed needs of children and young people across NSW.

Visit the Our Local website here>

Upcoming Events

FREE: “What about me”: Self-care for those who care for others

Video conference – John Hunter Hospital
“What about me?” Self-care for those who care for others
Cost: Free of Charge
John Hunter Hospital Large Lecture Theatre Rm 6065
Agenda attached, to RSVP contact kylie.carter@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au

YHF 27 March 2019 final program VC sites (003)



Developing Brain-Translating Neuroscience into Practice

This is an invaluable workshop for professionals working with children, young people and families looking to reinvigorate their practice and enhance their understanding of clients’ needs. Full of “aha!” moments, Nathan explores fascinating discoveries in neuroscience, explains them in plain English and provides guidance on how to put this knowledge to practical use in the classroom, therapy room and home, with recommendations backed by evidence from neuroscience for optimum social and emotional well-being.

To Register 


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Upcoming Meetings


Newcastle Youth Interagency –NYI

Tri Monthly-Thursdays 10am

  • 25th May- Venue To Be Announced
  • 24th August- Venue To Be Announced
  • 23rd November- Venue To Be Announced

Combined Youth Interagency – CYI

  • 16th March- FACS Office Charlestown
  • 28th September- FACS Office Charlestown

Upcoming Youth Health Forums

  • Wednesday, 23 August 2017 – Young people and ICE (and other drugs)
  • Wednesday, 29 November 2017 – Supporting young people through family change and conflict


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Newcastle Youth Interagency (NYI), Newcastle Hunter Homelessness Interagency Newtork (NHHIN) & Combined Youth Interagency (CYI), Youth Sector Survey 2016

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Newcastle Youth Interagency (NYI), Newcastle Hunter Homelessness Interagency Newtork (NHHIN) & Combined Youth Interagency (CYI), Youth Sector Survey 2015

NYI Sector Survey 2015

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Newcastle/Hunter Homelessness Interagency Network – NHHIN

Each Month, 2nd Thursday 10am

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