The New Work Reality Report

The Foundation for Young Australians’ latest report highlights major issues within the youth employment space, but also highlights some ways forward.

See the report here.

Youth (Un)Employment

The latest youth unemployment articles from the ABC and The Sydney Morning Herald. Click the links for the full stories.


Jobs for young people already exist, so forget the ‘future of work’

While there is little consensus about the “future of work”, one thing is certain — young people are at the coalface. Young workers experience insufficient opportunities for work experience, a mismatch between work and education, a lack of career management skills and scant entry-level jobs, according to a report from the Foundation for Young Australians.


Young and out: Australia’s hidden scourge of youth unemployment

The political calculus of an ageing population means that the national debate is increasingly dominated by issues that concern older Australians, like retirement and superannuation policies.

Meanwhile, younger Australians are derided as avocado-gobbling whingers, too lazy or entitled to get a proper job and save hard.

But a new Reserve Bank paper has lifted the lid on what it’s like for young people entering the workforce today.

Innovation in Health Promotion for Young People in Cessnock

A partnership has been established between the University of Newcastle’s School of Nursing and Midwifery along with the Cessnock Youth Interagency and Cessnock High School to innovate health promotion in education. Nursing students are working with high school students to identify and articulate gaps in health knowledge.

The information gained through this consultation process will inform the nursing students who will then create innovative and engaging methods of teaching the entire year group.

The Cessnock Youth Interagency have a focus on health promotion through school programming and have welcomed the enthusiasm of the University of Newcastle to assist.

The University of Newcastle’s Professor Ally Hutton says; “This partnership is a really good opportunity for nursing students to work with young people out in the community,  be aware of support services available and learn about health from each other”

The Office of Sport are Seeking Feedback

The Office of Sport have just released Nine Regional Plans and are now seeking feedback from Stakeholders, organisations and community, particularly Aboriginal communities across all plans.

These plans focus on six identified outcomes that incorporate a number of strategies that could support sports from grass roots level right through to an Elite level.

If you would like to view the plans or your particular Region, please visit the Office of Sport Website. Please note, feedback on the plans close 5pm, 19th July 2018.

Wanaruah NAIDOC Community Events

Visit the Wanaruah NAIDOC Community Events Facebook page for  all the NAIDOC events happening in the Upper Hunter.


Bullying Policy Review, Mount View High School

As part of Mount View High School’s continuing commitment to student wellbeing, they have partnered with a number of community organisations including the Cessnock Community and Youth Development Project.

The working group consists of individuals and organisations with expertise in the youth sector and mental health, the student leadership team and the P&C, to open up a whole school conversation to inform the school’s review of the anti-bullying policy and practices.

The working group will undertake significant community consultation with Students, teachers, parents and the wider community to inform the school and make recommendations about their revised Bullying Policy.

Mount View High School are committed to opening up the conversation to their wider school community to seek all stakeholders’ views on bullying.

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Effective Group Leadership

This 2-day workshop develops the necessary skills for group leaders to facilitate creative group work. The training covers the principals of using creative group work techniques and tools. Read more

Wakagetti Indigenous Corporation Corroboree 2018

Get your tickets early for the biggest display of traditional Aboriginal Culture in The Hunter for 2018. Through culture we connect.

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