FUNDING: Youth Off the Streets Scholarship

3 weeks to go! Closing date extended to 19 April. Apply Now!

Help a young person you know follow their dreams with a $6,000 scholarship!

Youth Off The Streets is a non-denominational community organisation working for young people who are facing many different challenges. They provide a range of services to support these young people as they work to improve their lives and have a brighter future.

Nominations must be made by the young person themselves; however assistance in completing the nomination is encouraged and is your opportunity to help a young person follow their dreams.

Please visit their website  for further information, read the Nomination Guidelines & Conditions and complete a 2019 National Scholarship Program Nomination Form.

Nominations close on Friday, 19 April 2019 at 4:00pm.

For further information please contact the scholarships team at or phone (02) 9330 3537.

EVENT: PCYC ‘Eat, Speak, Be Heard”

Hamilton South Youth Week Festival

Hamilton South will be hosting their annual Youth Week event on Monday the 15th of April 11am-2pm!! Come along for loads of awesome activities, tunes and a feed!

Butterfly Foundation – Carer Experience Survey




Are you a parent, sibling, partner, friend, colleague, child or

educator of someone with an eating disorder?

Butterfly would like to hear about your experience in supporting

someone with an eating disorder.

Your insights will help us understand the experience and needs of

carers in Australia to work towards change.

Please take our survey today and share with family and friends.




Thank you in advance for your valued support.

If you are experiencing an eating disorder or concerned about someone, you can chat to the Butterfly National Helpline on 1800 33 4673.


Please visit our website at


Circle of Security @ Jesmond Neighbourhood Centre


The Circle of Security Parenting Program helps parents understand the emotional needs of their children and creates opportunities for parents to strengthen the relationship with their children.

Connecting the Hunter Program Launch

In response to feedback from attendees at the annual Hunter Homeless Connect Day event, this new initiative will provide a dignified and practical way for people experiencing homelessness, to gain access to goods or services provided by local businesses all year round. Thanks to Community Sector Banking’s 2018 Social Investment Grants Program for their support. Click here to read more.

Upcoming Events

Developing Brain-Translating Neuroscience into Practice

This is an invaluable workshop for professionals working with children, young people and families looking to reinvigorate their practice and enhance their understanding of clients’ needs. Full of “aha!” moments, Nathan explores fascinating discoveries in neuroscience, explains them in plain English and provides guidance on how to put this knowledge to practical use in the classroom, therapy room and home, with recommendations backed by evidence from neuroscience for optimum social and emotional well-being.

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Body Esteem Educator Training

The Butterfly Foundation, Australia’s leading not-for-profit in the area of eating disorders and body image, is running a workshop in Lake Macquarie on the Wednesday 5 June 2019. Professional development, focused on supporting body confidence and healthy relationships with food and exercise in young people.

It’s a prevention focused workshop for educators and anyone working with young people aged 8 to 18. Everyone walks away with comprehensive resources to use with Years 3 – 12.  Details on how to register are below.  Registration cost is $170 and includes Free to BE – A Body Esteem Resource (Years 3-12) and Dove Self Esteem project materials.

Wednesday, 5th June
9am to 1pm includes morning tea

The Place: Charlestown Community Centre
Frederick Street
NSW 2290


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Upcoming Meetings


Newcastle Youth Interagency –NYI

Tri Monthly-Thursdays 10am

  • 25th May- Venue To Be Announced
  • 24th August- Venue To Be Announced
  • 23rd November- Venue To Be Announced

Combined Youth Interagency – CYI

  • 16th March- FACS Office Charlestown
  • 28th September- FACS Office Charlestown

Upcoming Youth Health Forums

  • Wednesday, 23 August 2017 – Young people and ICE (and other drugs)
  • Wednesday, 29 November 2017 – Supporting young people through family change and conflict


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Newcastle Youth Interagency (NYI) TOR, Hunter Multicultural Youth Network (HMYN) TOR, & Combined Youth Interagency (CYI), NYI 2017 Survey Summary


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NYI Sector Survey 2015

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