Singleton Youth Venue are hosting a GoodSPACE workshop on Tuesday 6th March, from 11am-3pm. Participation is open to anyone 18+ (not just those in Council), and is offered free of charge. We recommend this training to anyone who works with people who may or may not be at risk of suicide (i.e. everyone), and anyone seeking to learn more about suicide safety in our community. A little more about the workshop:

“The GoodSPACE Workshop is a 4-hour suicide prevention community workshop open to anyone 18+. The workshop aims to provide the following:

–          Evidence based information around what we can do to improve the space we are in, thereby reducing our risk of suicide (increasing protective factors)

–          Information around mental illness, and common changes that may indicate a person is experiencing mental distress

–          An understanding of why people die by suicide, and what may lead a person to consider and sometimes act on their thoughts of suicide

–          An action plan

To register please email