The NSW Government have identified key areas under the
‘Targeted Early Intervention’ reforms that services in NSW
need to be giving a greater focus to in service delivery to
improve outcomes for vulnerable family members. Effective
targeted earlier invention (TEI) can greatly reduce the
likelihood of a child or young person facing challenges such
as low participation and attainment in education, poor
physical and mental health, welfare dependency, substance
misuse and involvement with the criminal justice system.One
of the main target groups identified is Aboriginal children,
young people and families.
RYDON supported by BHP, presents a day of cultural capacity
building training for The Hunter youth/community sector.
Join us on 25 September for a day of cultural capacity
building training, where together we will improve our
understanding of key issues relevant to Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Island People and improve how we respond and work
with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and young
people; sensitively, respectfully and effectively.
Our aim is to provide detailed information and perspectives
on Aboriginal culture, experiences; including the impact of
history and trauma – with a focus on culturally appropriate
practices to work collaboratively within our shared
communities to improve outcomes for vulnerable families.
Led by an Aboriginal facilitator, this full-day experience is
specially designed to support any organisations committed to
reconciliation, closing the gap and informing their practice to
meet the complex needs of our local Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander Communities.
We hope you can join us for this incredible opportunity.