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DATE: Monday 21st August 2017

COST: $50 (+ booking fee)

FACILITATOR: The Australian Childhood Foundation

MASTERCLASS TOPIC:  “Understanding the neurobiology of complex trauma: Building a framework for effective practice in the protection, education, placement and support of children and young people”

CONTENT OVERVIEW: This seminar explores the most recent research on the impact of abuse related trauma on brain/body development and provides a framework for understanding the consequences of abuse.  The seminar goes on to explore implications for trauma informed practice. Participants will explore specific and practical strategies for promoting recovery for children and young people who have experienced relationally based trauma.


  • Develop an understanding of brain/body development through childhood and adolescence.
  • Understand the way that trauma impacts children and adolescents in a range of ways.
  • Identify ways that trauma shapes children’s states and experiences.
  • Develop creative approaches to enable children to communicate and process their experiences of trauma.
  • Identify evidence based practice strategies for working with children who have experienced trauma and their families.
  • Build an approach that resources change across all areas of the child’s world.
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The 2017 RYDON Masterclass will be held at East Maitland Bowling Club. Located just off the New England Highway on Banks Street at East Maitland, the Club is an easy 10 minute drive from Maitland, 25 minutes from Newcastle and accessible for all of our Upper Hunter services.



Past Conferences

Each year the RYDON Conference carries a different theme based on feedback received and current needs of the youth sector. Below is a list of past conference themes.

2016 – Connections: Culture, Self, Family, Brain, Body Community, Work, Education, Relationships

2015 – Stuff That Really Works:  Inspiring, practical & inventive approaches to working with & engaging young people

2014 – Responding to Bullying & Cybersafety: Best Practice and Inspiration

2013 – ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’ – Young People Violence & Alcohol

2012– ‘From little things…’ – The journey of partnerships and tools for the road

2011 Day1 + 2011 Day-2 – ‘Not Drowning, waving’ – Supporting the Mental Health & Legal concerns of young people

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