Are Smartphones The New Weapon Against Anxiety?

New research has revealed that apps installed on smartphones can be used to significantly reduce anxiety.

Published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, the study is the first ever meta-analysis of all published evidence on the effect of smartphone-based therapies on anxiety in 1,837 people. The research is a collaboration between The University of Manchester, Black Dog Institute, Harvard University and Western Sydney University.

It showed that overall, smartphone interventions reduced anxiety significantly more than control conditions suggesting new digital therapies could be useful for managing the condition.

How To Talk To Someone Close To You Who Is Gambling

Partners, family members and friends often ring the Gambling Helpline (1800 858 858) wanting advice about how to talk to their loved ones about their gambling. Many times they want to talk about how to begin the conversation.

Other times the family member or significant other admits gambling has been an ongoing discussion topic that, from the callers point of view, goes nowhere.

This article discusses different strategies in opening up discussion with someone about gambling. Click here to access the full article.

How To Keep Young People Safe Online

For all the benefits to mental health a digital world can bring, such as a sense of belonging and information and support for those with problems, there are also myriad dangers associated with online activity. In the very worst cases, people have live-streamed their suicide and had people cheer them on in the comments section.

Meanwhile, cyberbullying and trolling, along with communities and groups on social media that foster, glamorise or even encourage self-harm are pervasive. Stephen Buckley, head of information at the charity Mind, acknowledges these risks: It is vital to recognise the huge danger created by any site or social media trend that promotes self-harm, suicide or eating disorders. They can be hugely damaging and possibly dangerous to someone in a crisis.

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Community Tool Box

The Community Tool Box is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. Their mission is to promote community health and development by connecting people, ideas, and resources.

This is an amazing resource. Check it out here here.

The impact of domestic violence on children and parenting

A report published by ANROWS, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety, focuses on the impact that inter-parental conflict and domestic and family violence has on parenting capacity and parent–child relationships. The report highlights associations between inter-parental conflict, poorer parental wellbeing and poorer outcomes for children, and includes key recommendations to improve policy and practice.

To read more, follow this link.

Building & nurturing corporate relationships

Gone are the days when corporates can just hand over money without reason, writes Grace McLean from NFP Connect, and we need to start thinking about how we approach businesses and funders to ensure our organisations stay sustainable. At the core of every good partnership is: knowing that you want the same things for yourself and your prospective partner, having aligned values align and finally identifying you’re have a similar map of the journey you’re looking to take.

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