On Sunday 25 February the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) released its 2018 Report Card: The wellbeing of young Australians which uses the latest information available to track how young Australians are faring in international comparisons against 75 indicators of health and wellbeing.

The ARACY 2018 Report Card uses the latest available data from a range of sources to describe and illustrate Australia’s performance across a number of health and wellbeing indicators.

Where possible the Report Card includes comparisons using similar indicators for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population alongside international OECD data.

The Report Card is based on The Nest an evidence-based policy framework outlining priorities for investment in six areas which must be properly met for a young person to have wellbeing:

  • Loved and Safe
  • Healthy
  • Material Basics
  • Learning
  • Participating
  • Positive Sense of Identity and Culture