Counting On Change-A Guide To Prevention Monitoring

Counting on change provides guidance on how to comprehensively measure progress towards the prevention of violence against women at the population level.

The guide is a world-first in identifying indicators of change for the drivers and reinforcing factors of violence against women, and advising on available data sets and processes for gathering this information into a ‘picture of progress’. 

Recent decades have seen significant work in terms of policy, initiatives, and campaigns to prevent violence against women and their children.

These efforts are bearing fruit-there is growing and strong evidence around what works to prevent violence against women, drawn from local and international research. Evaluation of prevention work continues to build on this evidence base, and we’ve seen positive change among those reached by preventative programs.

What’s missing is a picture of change at the national or whole-of-population level. The guide will tell us if we are headed in the right direction overall.

The guide is aimed primarily at policy makers, researchers, academics, and other stakeholders working in the national, state/territory, and local levels, and international levels. Follow link to download guide.

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