The Youth and Community Development Projects undertaken across the Hunter employ a Youth Development Officer (YDO) to undertake community development activities and support service providers and those working with young people. The position varies depending on the area, client group and needs of the young people but is likely to include:

  • To improve the quality of life of young people with a particular focus on those who have been disadvantaged, by increasing the range and effectiveness of systems which impact on young people;
  • To represent the interests of young people and those working with young people;
  • To foster the development of Networks;
  • To provide and collect advice and information on activities, projects, and issues;
  • To provide advice and information on the impact of broad social and economic issues and their effects on Young People or Youth Services, to all levels of government, unions and the general community;
  • To monitor policies and practices; to provide a basis for the development of relationship and information flow between the non-government sector, local Governments, the New South Wales government, Commonwealth government and the community at large, on matters relating to Young People and Youth Services;
  • To undertake, commission, and evaluate research on matters affecting Young People and Youth Services;
  • To highlight, improve and comment on the position of Young People and Youth Services to the general community and the media;
  • To provide and organise appropriate training, resources and information;
  • To assist the non-government youth sector, governments and their agencies, local communities to plan and implement appropriate responses to meet the needs of disadvantaged Young People;
  • RYDON brings together an immense wealth of experience, expertise and talent, united by common values and principles, focused on partnering with our clients to enhance the quality of living for the communities in which we work.

RYDON aims to:

  • Promote co-ordination and networking in the sector
  • Develop and advocate on policy development
  • Provide peer support to other YDOs
  • Lobby on behalf of the sector
  • Organise and provide some training to the sector
  • To represent the interests of regional issues to the wider community
  • Identify and address youth worker needs.

2017-2018 RYDON roles are:

Chairperson: Lakin Agnew

Deputy Chairperson: Rhys Callaghan

Treasurer: Bradley Dunn

Secretary: Rebecca Eveleigh

Deputy Secretary: Vacant

IT & Social Media Officer: Russell Ingram

Public Officer: Tracey Finn